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Real-time 3D Autostereogram with FaceID

Posted on April 5, 2023

Some months ago, I was introduced to a book series called Magic Eye. The books have no text, only some strange repeating patterns throughout the page. But when you stare at a page for long enough and let your eyes unfocus, a 3D image “pops out of the page”. When I first heard this I wasn’t quite convinced, but after trying it and seeing it myself I was surprised by how well it works.

I really wanted to know how it worked, so I set out to write a program that could generate these kinds of pictures. I knew that the FaceID camera of my iPad uses 3D to map your face to make it more secure. I was wondering then if it would be possible to combine this somehow. What would it look like, if you could see yourself “pop out” of the iPad screen?

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